Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Batukaras Beach

Batukaras is a nuance of blend between the natural tourist attraction Pangandaran and Batu Hiu with the natural quiet atmosphere, ocean waves with a sloping beach make the visitors stay in the black this area. Located in the Village Batukaras, Subdistrict Cijulang with a distance of ± 34 km from Pangandaran.

The sloping beach with calm sea water nan blue waiting for you to enjoy the water immediately lifebuoy fresh.

You can enjoy a calm atmosphere with a light breeze to enjoy the meal in the restaurant are available. The view off the horizon to give you the edge quiet and pleasant memories of that vacation.

Tourism activities that can be done other than swimming, among others: go by boat on the river, camping and surfing.

If your holiday with family, the accommodation was available to you, there is a hut equipped with the tourism arena and play the house of worship. Hut tour is managed directly by the Canterbury District of Cultural and tourism office.

Other facilities available include: Hotel, Camping Ground, Souvenirs shop, rented a surfboard and tire pool.


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