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Regional data

Type: TWA (Recreational Park)
Area: 20 ha
Height: 0-50 m (above sea level)
Temperature: 29-30 ° C
Rainfall: 3,196 mm / yr
Topography: sloping
The nearest city: Canterbury
The distance from the nearest town: 20 km
Ket: WH (Daily Tour), WB (Overnight Tour), BP (Earth camp), TWA (Recreational Park)
General Situation

Recreational Park Pangandaran determined based on the Decree of the Minister of Agriculture Tax 170/Kpts/Um/3/1978 date of 10 March 1978 with a broad geographic 37.7 ha.secara located in the 1080 30 '- 109o00 BT and 7oLS, while based on the areas of administration, including the Village Pangandaran, Subdistrict Pangandaran, Ciamis regency. According to the administration of forest management Calculated including BKPH Pangandaran KPH Canterbury.

This area is located in the northern part of Pananjung Pangandaran, largely sloping bertopografi and in some places, there is a bulge-bulge that steep limestone hills. Elevation of the area are between 0 - 20 m above sea level.

According to the classification of Schmidt and Ferguson, Kamojang and surrounding areas including the type of climate with a rainfall average 3,196 mm per year. The minimum air temperature, 250C, a maximum of 30oC, and humidity of 80-90%.

Potential Region
TWA is the Pangandaran area of secondary forest, old age between 50 - 60 years to dominate the area of Pangandaran TWA. The comparison is the remnant of primary forest that is not broad and concentrated location, and the little coastal forest.

Trees in the old secondary forest in the area of Pangandaran TWA has an average altitude of between 25 - 35 m, with the type of dominant among Laban (Vitex pubescens). Ki seal (Dillenia excelsa) and marong (Cratoxylon formosum), there are also several types of trees such as relics of primary forest Pohpohan (Buchania arborescens), Basil (Ficus variegata), and Objects (Disoxyllum caulostachyllum). Trees are generally marked by the growth of plants, liana and epiphyte.

There is only a coastal forest in the eastern and western areas. It is Barringtonia tree formations, such as Butun (Barringtonia aseatica), Hamilton (Terminalia catappa), Nyamplung (Callophyllum inophyllum) and Waru Sea (Hibiscus tiliaceus).

With various floranya, area garden tour Pangandaran is a natural habitat suitable for life-animal wildlife. The type of wildlife that can be found in this area include: Tando (long tail Monkey (Macaca fascicularis), Lutung (Presbytis cristata), bat (Pteropus campyrus), Service (Bos sondaicus), Deer (Cervus timorensis), kancil (Tragulus javanica ), And sea urchin (Hystrix javanica).

While the types of birds that can be found among other birds Canghegar (gallus varius), Tlungtumpuk (Magalaema javensis), Cipeuw (Aegitina tiphia), Larwo (Copsychus malaharicus) and jogjog (Pycnonotus plumosus).

Amphibi type that can be found among the trees they (Rhacopnorus leucomistak), they buduk (Bufo melanostictus), and Bancet (Rana limnocharis). While the type of reptile that can be found among the lizard (Dracopolon sp), gecko (Gecko gecko) and several species of snakes, among others, Snake shoots (Dryopsis prasinus).

Facilities and infrastructure available in Pangandaran TWA, among others, form the gate, ticket counter, space, information shelters, footpaths, parking and the guard post.

The above are only a little information about tourism Pangandaran, many of you must find and watch. Please come directly to Pangandaran.


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